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Subject: Flashed FM Recorder
From: Roy Horton (
Date: 2003-09-22

I flashed my FM recorder and everything works great, except for the
battery levels, I've looked all over and can't find anything
documenting a fix or the problem:

the charging screen says 100% - which matches the rockbox charging
percent when I F1-Boot, but when I unplug the recorder, the level
goes down to about 8% and then slowly goes back up... I though that
perhaps the recorder needed to 'learn' the battery consumption, so to
speak, but it happened again next time it fully charged...

is this a bug in the flash version (up to date, BTW) or just on mine?

I have also looked for how to bring back the original firmware, which
I backed up... with no luck. I assume I rename the original 256k
file to firmware_fm.bin or something to that effect? If you could
point me to documentation on this, I'd appreciate it...

Roy Horton, on 09/22/2003

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