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Subject: Bass Booster
From: Tjerk Schuringa (
Date: 2003-10-04

The tiny output capacitors in mp3 players always annoyed me, and while bridging
the 10uF units commonly found with 220uF tantalum units (or two, see my pics in
the AJB6K group @ yahoo) this solution was never satisfactory. Enter Maxim.
This company recently introduced the MAX4410, a 14-pin TSSOP IC, which combines
a charge pump power inverter with a DC coupled 80 mW headphone amp. They call
it DirectDrive, and of course I ordered samples right away. Devised a little
PCB (0.8 mm, tracks cut out with a knife and a mini drill) and whacked the chip
onto it. And I must say, it kicks ass! I added a low frequency boost network
(hence Bass Booster) and it overdrives my phones! No wonder: the output swing
is doubled, and I introduced a 5 dB boost at 50 Hz. Right now I put the amp in
my old trusted Rio, you can check it at

Now I intend to have a PCB made for this amp, which should fit nicely in an
Archos Jeukbox 6000 (I dunno about newer Archoses). Would there be interest in
a kit and/or a complete unit? Guess a kit would come in at EUR20-25 and a
complete tested unit around EUR50, depending on my soldering skills...


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