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Subject: Sometimes my drive letter changes, is there a simple way to change it back?
From: Gvillo, Mike (
Date: 2003-10-09

Sometimes when I take my FMR from PC to PC, one of the PCs remaps the
drive letter, then I go to another PC and because the drive letter is
taken, I don't see my player. I usually unmap all the drives and it
comes back, but here at work I've got quite a few mapped drives, is
there an easier way? I guess I should remap the FMR to letter X: or
something. BTW I'm on Win2k, Win98, Winshaft, Wincrash... the usual
bevy of nonfunctioning yet vital OSes. Thought: how much would the GNP
increase by if we weren't dependent on MS?


PS Can I be convicted of a homicide if provoked by really bad guitar
playing at 4am? Any lawyers out there good at insanity defenses?

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