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Subject: RE: Flashed recorder & charging
From: Mark Bright (
Date: 2003-10-13

I am no expert, but am I missing something obvious here?
Store the current % every minute or so - somewhere - and when starting
up, read that value back in as the starting level, then leave it for 3
minutes so the calculated level is more accurate before displaying that.

Unlike the iPod, I find almost no loss of battery% after even a week of
no use so the last value would be reasonably accurate?

Even, check time elapsed since the value was stored, and if 'too long'
then ignore it?

If I am talking rubbish here, I apologise, but the only way to learn is
to ask...

Björn Stenberg wrote:
> 2) The power level shown after boot is *much* too low. This is a known
> problem and I've been fiddling with a few changes to remedy this but
> not ready yet. With the current CVS code, allow 3-5 minutes for the
> battery meter to rise to a more accurate level.

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