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Subject: RE: Quick questions
From: Andreas Stemmer (
Date: 2003-10-20

David Reis wrote:
> I have a couple of questions about record settings;
> 1. Quality 1-7 relates to what bitrates??

from the MAS datasheet (average rates):
Setting 44.1kHz 22.05kHz 44.1kHz mono 22.05kHz mono
0 75kbps 39kbps 65kbps 35kbps
1 80kbps 41kbps 68kbps 38kbps
2 90kbps 45kbps 73kbps 40kbps
3 100kbps 50kbps 80kbps 45kbps
4 120kbps 60kbps 90kbps 50kbps
5 140kbps 80kbps 105kbps 60kbps
6 160kbps 110kbps 125kbps 75kbps
7 170kbps 130kbps 140kbps 90kbps

> 2. Joint stereo vs stereo difference.

Normal stereo: each channel is encoded seperately
Joint stereo: the sum and the difference is encoded (like in fm radio),
resulting in a smaller bitrate (or better quality at constant bitrate) for
similar signals on both channels (music for example)

Andreas Stemmer

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