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Subject: Re: Starting RockBox from the hard drive with connected power supply...
From: [IDC]Dragon (
Date: 2003-10-23

> The solution is pretty simple:
> -Pulse the power for a few milliseconds to turn the AJB on
> -switch the external power off until the hard drive is turned
> on (after something around 12 seconds) and
> -switch the external power on again and keep it on.

The behaviour is known, we also want to use such for our "Rockbox emulates
CD changer" project.

If you want this to work with flashed boxes as well, the "ON" pulse should
be shorter, because things happen much faster there. Otherwise the charging
screen is already up within your pulse, and if it sees power going low again it
will shut off.

I haven't measured, but maybe 0.2s is a good value, should be faster than my
decompression. (Starting from an uncompressed flash image may still outrace
it, but we're currently not using that.)


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