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Subject: Re: Starting RockBox from the hard drive with connected power supply...
From: Björn Stenberg (
Date: 2003-10-23

[IDC]Dragon wrote:
> You don't think that Rockbox with no disk doesn't put too many limits?

No. We only have two power alternatives:

1) We don't have enough power to use the disk.
In this case, going into the charging screen or regular Rockbox has little difference - you can't do much except charge the batteries.

2) We *have* enough power to use the disk.
This is by *far* the most common scenario. In this case I believe it is much better to actually boot Rockbox and resume playback or whatever else the firmware is programmed to do, than to just enter a charging screen that requires manual interaction to exit. Think car mode or someone using a simple power timer to wake up his archos.

> 1. if RTC flag is set, remember disk is not avail and goto 4.
> 2. set the flag, as an indication we're trying spinup
> 2. spinup
> 3. (if we're still alive) remember that we can use the disk
> 4. clear the flag
> 5. carry on with "normal" operation, charging, etc.

This sounds like a good idea.

> This could work if the power fail caused by the disk gives a clean reboot,
> not a poweroff or brownout. But you need an unsuccessful iteration before you
> reach diskless mode, clumsy I think.

If I have to choose, I think it's better to be clumsy in the rare failure case than being clumsy in the much more common success case.


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