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Subject: Re: [ rockbox-Bugs-827966 ] Pause causes continuous disk access
From: Björn Stenberg (
Date: 2003-10-24

Craigh Sather wrote:
> Although the statement "paused = mpeg_status() &
> MPEG_STATUS_PAUSE;" will always yield 0 or 1 when compiled
> for the Archos target, on the simulator such coding could
> cause problems because in uisimulator/win32/stdbool.h we have:
> typedef unsigned int bool;

Does anyone know if there is a good reason why the win32 uisim does this instead of using the proper bool type?

If the code has to cater for int-as-bool everywhere (forcing ugly constructs such as "?true:false"), then much of the elegance of the bool type is erased.

Are there important win32 compilers that don't support C99 bool? If so, should we let those old win32 tools dictate how we write the Rockbox code?


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