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Subject: Re: usb-storage not recognizing archos 20g fm recorder in linux
From: Björn Stenberg (
Date: 2003-10-24

VanBaren, Gerald (AGRE) wrote:
> You need to remove (rmmod) ide-scsi before the Archos will be recognized (at
> least with RH8, RH9). The problem is that both the USB driver and the
> ide-scsi drive implement a pseudo SCSI interface which then control the
> Archos or CDROM, respectively. The problem is, the SCSI/ide-scsi/usb
> subsystem doesn't have a way of distinguishing whether a SCSI disk command
> should go to the IDE driver or the USB driver, and the IDE driver always
> seems to win. Therefore, the USB driver never sees the commands that should
> be going to it.

If this is a problem it's RedHat-specific, not a kernel bug. I always run both ide-scsi and usb-storage simultaneously without problems. I've done this since at least linux 2.4.6.

I only run pure kernels from, never distributor-modified versions. You might want to try and see if that helps you. Surprisingly many linux problems are due to distributor kernel modifications.


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