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Subject: RE: usb-storage not recognizing archos 20g fm recorder in linux
From: Fred Maxwell (
Date: 2003-10-24

Daniel Stenberg wrote:

> ... right, but I did exactly what you did, only reversed the
> situation.

Logic 101:

The RH Linux problem
* Verified by multiple people.
* Cause was know to be the OS.

The Windows problem:
* Reported by only one person.
* Cause unknown.

Doesn't sound analogous to me.

> You took one case of Linux problem and made it an
> argument in your "Windows is better than Linux" post.

Don't twist my words and attribute fictitious quotes to me. I did not say
that Windows was "better" than Linux. I said that the Linux problem/fix
being discussed was a good _example_ of why Microsoft continues to dominate
desktop sales.

  Fred Maxwell

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