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Subject: Battery Life Indicator
From: Mark Bright (
Date: 2003-10-28

Is it just my jukebox, or does the WPS battery life not update correctly
in the first 5 minutes after power on?

I understand the technical issues regarding getting an accurate figure
in this time, but that is not my point.
For Example:
At switch on : 7% 45 mins
10 mins later : 7% 45 mins
Press f1 to go to browser, check Info menu : 35% 4:30
Back to WPS : 35% 4:30

(Figures and layout simplified for sake of example)

I am running a two day old daily build, flashed, on a FMJR. ROLO'ing to
a bleeding edge build made no difference.

Regarding the initial 'Inaccurate' power level figure, I did ask before,
but did not get an answer. If the current power level is stored every 5
minutes or so, and on power up this value is read back and used for the
first 5 minutes, would that give a better start-up value?


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