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Subject: Re: Best Batteries
From: lovelearn (
Date: 2003-10-30

I spent a few hours researching this cell or "battery" issue. Bear in
mind that a single electro chemical unit is a cell. A battery is an
electrically joined group of cells. But this is honoring correct
language in a period wherein national TV advertisers spend millions of
dollars on spots for which their representatives can't (and I don't mean
elect not to) write without making what should be embarrassing errors.
Even manufactures now commonly reference single cells as a "battery," so
the continuing degradation of the language is further enabled by their
support and endorsement.

Anyway, Sanyo battery sets have been superior performers in some
disinterested 3rd party tests. I directly imported a bunch of 1850 ma
Sanyo AA cells for myself and some friends who use AA cells in
power-hungry camera systems. To get a good deal, we decided to order a
bunch to combine shipping from Hong Kong to the US. I fronted the money
but some of them failed to follow through. What's a new set of 4 of
these new production cells worth given the always changing market? My
set runs my Archos 20 recorder/player well over 10 hours. There are some
sets that have not been paid for and picked up, so if you're interested,
let me know.

John LoveLearn

Re: Previous discussion. The opposite action of discrimination is being
being indiscriminate, despite Politically Correct liberal speaker
attempts to inject their agenda into every conversation.

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