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Subject: Re: FMR Flat battery
From: Dave Jones (
Date: 2003-10-30

They did great work on a dead Recorder 20 of mine. Fast, responsive, and
pretty darn friendly.

Don't know about the FM Recorder though.

At 04:06 PM 10/29/2003 -0800, you wrote:
>Well, I've got the same problem, and if not for that, I'd be perfectly
>happy with my FMR. Are there any testimonials about newmp3tech's work,
>particularly on this problem?
>David McIntyre wrote:
>>My wife ships stuff overseas for $7-10. About the same size and weight.
>>Does it
>>cost that much more to ship from the UK to US than the other way? Also,
>>if you
>>put on the shipping manifest that it is an item being sent for repair and ask
>>newmp3tech to do the same for the journey back, you should have no duty
>>On Wed, Oct 29, 2003 at 08:15:06PM -0000, Mark Bright wrote:
>>>Thanks John...
>>>Confirmed with NewMP3Technology, although it is out of warrantee (just),
>>>they will repair it and send it back to the UK for $89 - At current
>>>rates that is about 54 which is not too bad.
>>>I also have to post it to them, which is estimated at about $25 (14.50)
>>>Hope it don't take too long to get back - And I really hope UK customes
>>>don't try to charge import duty on it (again!)
>>>Ahh well...

Dave Jones P.E.
Senior Project Engineer
HFP Acoustical Consultants Inc.
6001 Savoy Dr., Suite 115
Houston, Texas 77036
713.789.9400 (phone)
713.789.5493 (fax)

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