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Subject: Re: A rockbox survey

Re: A rockbox survey

From: Martin Borus <>
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 12:09:08 +0100 schrieb am 04.11.03 10:52:14:
> Hello all!
> Perhaps i'm just being nosey (over inquisitive or whatever) but I was just wondering what
> uses people have for such long recording times? 'Whole 3-day weekends' springs to mind.
> I suppose an 'all night rave' could be captured. Is anyone actually doing anything like this?
> I just wondered that's all.

As I'm one of the people asking for long time recordings improvements
all the time here ares my reasons. Most of them involve radio (in live situations
recording for 4-8 hours covers most things for me) Most of the long recordings
are 8-12 hours. I have done several 24-72h recordings so far.

1. Timeshifting satellite radio for car use
My local radio stations are not very good. For car usage I prefer satellite
radio. Every once in a while I record a full day of my favorite station
so I have always stuff on the jukebox I have not heard before. This also
has the added advantage that if I hear a new song I like I can replay it
and it's easier to find out what it is if you can play it to someone.

2. Festival Weekends / Special radio events.
During the summer festivals many of those are convered by radio stations.
A good example is the Danish Roskilde Festival. The station P3 (digital on
1 West) usually transmits the best concerts from this festival - normally
without a fixed shedule. So to catch your favorite band it's best just to record
everything and keep what you like. This also means that you can attend the
festival in person and have the recording of the whole thing waiting for you
when you return.
Other interesting things are special radio events. I like countdown programs voted
for by listeners. Next friday a local station does a Top 300. Around easter, another
does station a top 800 countdown. You find a lot of interesting stuff in the lower
positions of those charts that normally never makes it on the air.

3. Lack of timer function:
Currently Rockbox does not have a recording timer function
(And I do not miss it much). So if I want to record one or more shows from the
radio I just leave the recording running and use "mp3directcut" to extract
what I need. This is really useful for BBC7, a digital radio station that repeats BBC
archive comedy in great amounts - I collect several of their shows. My satellite
receiver has a digital output I can connect to the jukebox so the recording quality is

4. Rescuing VHS long play hifi recordings.
In the 80s and 90s the most affordable way of recording radio in good quality was
VHS hifi in long play. VHS tape is supposed to last 20 years, but for some of the
older tapes I already have signal drop outs. So it is about time to convert them in
something that lasts. They run up to 10h a tape.
5. Archiving radio full days.
As one DVD-R fits three days of radio, I keep full days of some stations just for the
fun of it. Radio stations change a lot over the years and it's going to be fun to
drag out these recordings in ten or twenty years later.

Horoskop, Comics, VIPs, Wetter, Sport und Lotto im WEB.DE Screensaver1.2
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Received on 2003-11-04

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