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Subject: Re: Organize .rockbox directory

Re: Organize .rockbox directory

From: Eric Linenberg <>
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 23:48:00 -0500

The patch makes a lot of sense to me. I think as we get more and more
plugins that the organization becomes necessary (we are almost at that
point right now)...

Everything goes where it seems like it should go, that is except for
the Sokoban levels. I think that that should just be placed in the
Games directory.

It's wonderful to see a renewed interest in the rockbox software. I
have bought and tried the ipod with the new software, the rio karma,
the archos gmini, and the samsung napster player and they all fall
short of the archos with rockbox. While many of them have bells and
whistles, they don't do what the archos recorder with rockbox does

Even the highly praised iriver ihp120 wants to be like the rockbox:

Now, is it time to get the bookmark patch and the playlist viewer
patch into the main cvs yet? :D

thanks for the awesome software.

HB> Hi folks,

HB> I have submitted two patches on .rockbox organizing. These patches
HB> should be considered as the basis of discussion rather than
HB> something that I want committed to the cvs. However, the patches
HB> are complete and no current functionality is lost (I think)

HB> One patch (835897) takes care of the basic .rockbox files (.cfg,
HB> .fnt, .lng and .wps), the other patch (835915) deals with plugins
HB> (.rock).

HB> After applying these patches the .rockbox directory structure
HB> looks like this

HB> /.rockbox/Configs : .cfg files
HB> /.rockbox/Docs : rockbox documentation
HB> /.rockbox/Fonts : .fnt files
HB> /.rockbox/Languages : .lng files
HB> /.rockbox/Rocks
HB> /.rockbox/Rocks/Applications :application plugins
HB> /.rockbox/Rocks/Demos : demo/screensaver plugins
HB> /.rockbox/Rocks/Games : game plugins
HB> /.rockbox/Rocks/Viewers : viewers/players, plugins bound to a certain
HB> file extensions
HB> /.rockbox/Sokoban : Sokoban levels
HB> /.rockbox/WPS : .wps files

HB> The rockbox browser is enabled to browse directories also for
HB> plugins. This will make the code almost independent of the
HB> directory structure with exception of the Viewers directory. The
HB> Viewers directory is not shown when browsing plugins because the
HB> plugins in there are supposed to be started by playing files. I
HB> have chosen to hide the Viewers directory and the code, rather
HB> than name it .Viewers, because I believe that the directory
HB> structure under apps/plugins, /.rockbox/rocks and the build
HB> directory should be the same.

HB> Having said all this here are some questions: Should the .rockbox
HB> directory be reorganized at all? How should the .rockbox directory
HB> be organized? Does this effect the user interface overhaul? Does
HB> the user interface overhaul affect this? How should the different
HB> directories be named. Should the build directory and apps/plugins
HB> mimic the structure of .rockbox/rocks? Where should files like
HB> sokoban/levels.txt be placed?
Received on 2003-11-05

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