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Subject: Re: Possible Loose Ear Out connector
From: Mat Holton (
Date: 2003-11-05

Try resting the 'Powerpack' on it. No, sorry I was thinking about the 'ear' out on the Speccy!

Probably best taking it apart and examining it - might be able to bend the socket a bit so it makes a better contact. perhaps.

-----Original Message-----From: Nathan Gray <>To: <>Sent: 05/11/2003 10:00Subject: Possible Loose Ear Out connectorLong time no post,

I own a FMR 20 and yesturday I noticed that slight shifts in the headphone

OR audio cable connected to the ear out hole makes the right channel cut out

for a moment; solution: tap the cable again. I suspect I screwed up the

internal components of the ear out connector somehow. (I.E., the connector

seems a bit loose when something is connected)

So, what're my options here?

Anyone know how, or of a way to get this fixed? I suppose I could live with

this, but ah so annoying to have to keep shifting the headphone cable.

My EE skills are a bit lax so I haven't done any of the mods; probably can't

resolder the device myself if that is the problem. Any freelance hardware

people? ;)~~

solarcide - Nathaniel


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