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Subject: Re: rockbox installation

Re: rockbox installation

From: Rocker <>
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2003 21:25:52 -0700

Thanks a whole bunch for your help.
The file you suggested I download did not have the file fmrecorder? Though
It was the book-marking one. It does say that it should work with all ten
button players but as I am a rookie I decided to install the following
Can I drag the bookmarking files onto the rockbox root directory with this
version already installed?
Your help has been great!


----- Original Message -----
From: "Garrett Derner" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, November 05, 2003 4:40 PM
Subject: Re: rockbox installation

> Rocker,
> I am sure you do not need to be embarrassed. Your may end up helping to
> improve Rockbox, for yourself, and for other people who use talking books.
> You sound confused about Music Match. Music Match is not the firmware.
> Music Match is just an MP3 utility for the PC. You do not really need it,
> but you do need the USB driver that comes on the same CD-ROM. Without
> driver, you cannot copy files between the PC and the Archos.
> So first of all, install onto your PC, the CD-ROM that came with the
> Secondly, you want the version of Rockbox with bookmarking. Bookmarking
> not in the main version yet; it is not even in the daily builds. You can
> find it in a special build made by its author. Download this file:
> Inside that zip file is a file called bookmarks.txt that explains the
> concepts. Bookmarking has various features, but when I tried it I found
> worked fine all by itself, without me having to understand all the
> Also inside that zip file is a folder called fmrecorder. Double-click
> folder to open it. The file you need is ajbrec.ajz in that folder. You
> need to copy it to your Archos.
> So step three is, use the USB cable that came with the Archos, and connect
> the Archos to the PC. Windows should then help you open the Jukebox in a
> window. (Or you should be able to find Jukebox from the My Computer
> window.) Then you need to drag the file ajbrec.ajz from the zip window to
> the Jukebox window. (If you have subfolders on the Archos, be sure not to
> drag the file to a subfolder. You are copying the file to the root
> directory, that is, the top level, the main file list, on the Archos. Not
> to one of the folders inside it, if there are any.)
> Step four is, safely remove the Archos Jukebox. You might be able to find
> the "Safely Remove Hardware" applet on the right-hand side of the Windows
> task bar, a little bit to the left of the clock. Clicking on that should
> bring up a menu that lets you remove the drive. Or it might be easier
> to use the Start button to shut down the PC. Then you can unplug the
> from the PC, safe in the knowledge that the file finished copying OK.
> Step five: Shut down the Archos and restart it. The bookmarking Rockbox
> should be installed. If you ever need to remove it, just connect to the
> again and delete (or rename) the ajbrec.ajz file.
> Let us know how it goes!
> Garrett
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Rocker" <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Tuesday, November 04, 2003 10:13 PM
> Subject: rockbox installation
> Hello,
> Well this is embarrassing...
> I am buy no means a power user. Nor am I a programmer. I have been
> watching this list for some time now and let me tell you that most of you
> guys and gals (are their any gals on this list?) amaze me with your skills
> talents. Now that I have buttered you all up I'll ask my question...
> I still have not been able to install rockbox over the Music Match firm
> ware? When I downloaded the version for my studio FM Recorder and
> it with WinZip, all I got was a list of files displayed in a window? What
> are the steps I need to take to install this Puppy? Please give me step
> step instructions to install correctly. I should say that my unit came
> the music match software a;ready installed thus I have not even tried
> installing the M.M software on it. Hears what I need:
> 1). I would like to know which daily build I need to download that has
> book marking feature
> 2). I need someone to explain the installation process from the start
> including step by step instructions. (remember, I am an idiot) LOL!
> I am using windows ME and the Archos Studio FM Recorder.
> I should also state that I am blind so that may be my problem installing
> this stuff? If I need to run anything from the lcd while installing I
> not be able to see it. It would be nice if someone wrote a Window style
> installer for dummies like me?
> Anyway, Thanks in advance for all your advice. If there is another
> discussion group that you can recommend that would better suit my
> level please let me know as I do not want to slow you guys down with such
> simple problems.
> Cheers!
> rocker
Received on 2003-11-06

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