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Subject: RE: Preferred recorder battery:performance Settings was: recording suggestions
From: Andreas Stemmer (
Date: 2003-11-07

Mat Holton wrote:
> I believe it's possible to purchase what's known as a
> "powered microphone", which is one
> that amplifies the signal to levels sufficient for a
> "line-in". A regular microphone, does not
> produce the levels neccasary for line-in.

You have to be careful: electret condenser mics like they are often used for
minidisc recorders need a battery for powering their FET. What you find if
you search for "powered mics" is probably a electret mic with a battery box.
This will be good for MD recorders, but (in most cases) not enough for the
jukebox. The jukebox needs line level, therefore an extra preamp is needed.
The small box delivered with the archos mic for example is a preamp which
also deliveres the power for the electrets, but I have seen electret mics
with the same box (at least same shape and size) without preamp. The box was
just the battery box for the power supply, no amp.

Andreas Stemmer

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