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Subject: Re: Archo killing open source....
From: David McIntyre (
Date: 2003-11-08

It makes me wonder if they're trying to shut down the effort lest someone finds
DRM bypassing code in the firmware they release.

On Fri, Nov 07, 2003 at 06:36:04PM -0500, Fred Maxwell wrote:
> eD\/ARd0 F/\KEn^M3:
> > The differnce is that both those mechanisms where used almost
> > exclusively for sharing copyrighted material. You could go on
> > either the 'search engine' or 'napster' and see that 99% of
> > the material was copyrighted. The majority of Archos users
> > will not be using it for copyright violations and Archos can
> > probably show that they did not intend it to be used that way.
> So what? It doesn't stop them from being sued if someone releases
> widely-used firmware which disables some type of DRM or copy protection.
> You seem to think that I'm saying that the RIAA/MPAA would win, be right, or
> have the legal high ground. I'm not. I'm saying that they could sue Archos
> and Archos might want to avoid such a suit.
> Now this is all based on one possibility: That the Archos AV software
> might, in some way, defeat DRM in such a was as to upset the studios. Let's
> keep in mind that I'm not claiming that was the reason for the legal action,
> just that it was possible.
> Regards,
> Fred Maxwell

David McIntyre
PGP Key fingerprint = CAB5 A73A 43FA 19E3 449D  20B8 25D7 FA84 8847 D6A7 for geek code, pgp key, etc. 

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