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Subject: Ear/Line-out problem
From: Ricardo Moreno Vera (
Date: 2003-11-08

I have a JukeBox 6000, with rockbox 2.0 20031107.

Everything seems to be fine but a problem rise when star playing MP3, the
sound start to glitch and turns on-off very quickly 2 or 3 times per second
on both lines ear and line out. With original firmware 5.06 and update 5.07a
update the same problem but pressing MENU it louds and plays normally.

I have found that entering some menu like Contrast on Rockbox resolves
problem, also presing and keep down MENU-+ to change volume make the jukebox
play normally but as son as i release MENU or get back to main screen it
start glitch again.

Also if I keep pressed + on any menu it scrolls down menu and sound glitches
the same way but faster.

Anyboy has the same problem.? Any clue on how to fix this.?

I don't want to push play and keep my LCD screen on contrast as I listen to

Any help would be appreciated.

Ricardo Moreno
SG, El mejor hosting para tu PyME desde $30 pesos al MES.

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