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Subject: When does rockbox charge?
From: Mat Holton (
Date: 2003-11-14

This isn't a question about money!

I forgot my power supply unit today so i'm charging my Archos via the USB lead on
my PC here at work. Something is concerning me though: When I boot up with the Archos software (holding down F1 & on) the unit is definatly charging (the indicator says so and there's more charge after i unplug) but the Hard drive is continually whirring, which worries me - I don't want to wear out my drive! However, when I boot up with Rockbox and plug the USB lead in, the drive stops whirring but the power indicator is not changing - So is it charging or not?

I have an Archos Fm Recorder and I Reflashed the full firmware last night with last nights source, rebuilt with one minor modification (i swapped over the F2 and F3 buttons because my F2 button is broken).



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