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Subject: Re: Resume on STOP behaviour
From: Daniel Gudlat (
Date: 2003-11-14

Linus Nielsen Feltzing wrote:
> In the 2.0 release, we changed the behaviour when stopping the music
> with the STOP key. It used to clear the resume information, so that the
> music would not resume when the device was turned on again. From 2.0, it
> doesn't clear the resume info, but always resumes, even if the user had
> stopped the music before shutting off.

No, it doesn't. At least not for me. When I click and hold OFF on my
JBR20/RockBox snapshot from mid-October, then switch it on again later,
resume works rather reliably. When I click OFF to stop the play, then
click and hold it to switch the unit off (as is recommended in the
HELP_JBR.TXT file distributed with RockBox!), in one of about three
cases, resume does in fact *not* work. Which for me is the single most
annoying thing about this otherwise excellent piece of software, because
it makes using longer playlists pretty darn impossible.

> I have a weak memory, so I would like to take this up for discussion
> again. Why did we change this? I think the previous behaviour made the
> most sense.
> Anyone?

I'm all for agressive resuming. As far as I am concerned, the unreliable
resume when stopping play and then powering off should be fixed to be
more reliable ASAP, and so should the misleading information in the

I prefer to always cleanly power down electronic equipment before
switching it off. This is true for computers, tape decks, JBRs, etc.
When I switch them on again, modern desktops like KDE restore my
previous work environment via session management, and tape decks don't
magically rewind and eject the cassette. Likewise I expect RockBox to
always remember the song it was playing when I last switched it off.
Changing things back to the old behaviour makes it far too easy to
inadvertantly lose the resume information, IMHO.


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