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Subject: Re: Remote Control Unit

Re: Remote Control Unit

From: BlueChip <>
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2003 14:58:58 +0000

>BlueChip wrote:
>>The last thing I want to do is end up writing more code that is either
>>not-included (due to lack of interest) or unmaintainable (like what
>>happened with Othelo).
>Don't worry. I won't ask you again.

Nicely edited dude :) there a special reason that you removed the portion that said
"Yes, if enough people want it"?

I guess so, but how many people would like to know what your reason was?

Anyway, why should receiving sarcastic comments from this group suddenly
start to worry me?
Never stopped me before. (...for I am "Captain ButtChip" ...fried potato
for your bottom - LOL
(sorry, private joke, see IRC archive for the full story))

Why should adding your name [Linus] to the list of people giving me grief
change *anything*?


What is baffling is that you [Linus] are one of the few people who know how
much "behind the scenes" time I have spend helping Rockbox (for others, "A
LOT"). And all you have done is find endless reasons to sit on the
information that I spent weeks if not months tracing for you.

If anyone wants to know why we don't have .WAV support - it is because
Linus is sitting on the information, and I don't own a Player ...which due
to the nature of the information, we really need to ensure that it will run
on a Player before we test it on a Recorder.

# I get grief for not understanding CVS - and a refusal to help me learn.
(see news archive)
# I get grief for sending code to people who specifically ask me to send it
to them. (see news archive)
# I get grief for trying to locate documents to help Rockbox. (see news
# I get ignored for getting the docs and trying to find people to help.
(news archive, IRC archive & offline conversations)
# I get grief for offering to help with code optimisation - my speciality.
(see my orignal posts in news archive)
# I get grief for asking which files are required to make the dev kit work
(see IRC archive)
# I get grief for asking if anyone else is interested in a new feature.
(see above)
# And as for being left off the "contributor" list - how personal are you
trying to make it?

Maybe it would be amusing to publish our IRC chat the other night - where
you asked me about why I am planning to quit Rockbox
dev. haahaahaaaaahahahhaa. (I guess you've probably worked it out now)

So I stand by my comments (in IRC archive) I wanna see the WAV codec
running just as a big two finger salute to all the people who said it was
impossible - then I'm gone!

SOMEONE is sitting on the info required for WAV support, and hence
menu/games sound, speech synthesis, MIDI support, MOD support, and even
MODTracker.rock ...and you and I both know who that is, Linus.

The DOOM clone - and yes, it *IS* possible (whatever inferior programmers
tell you) - you can forget, I will not be wasting my effort trying to get
the graphics moving naturally - if I ever get really bored and you guys get
really lucky you may see it in .rock format one day.

I don't know what has "got your goat" Linus, but if you just wanna be
nasty, then we can play it that way instead - but do not be mistaken, these
are YOUR rules, not mine.

You have shown all along that this project is "your baby" and outside
developers are NOT welcome. The ultimate proof HAS to be the complete LACK
of an official working dev kit.

--- I told you not to read that bit :p ---

Received on 2003-11-15

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