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Subject: Re: Remote Control Unit

Re: Remote Control Unit

From: BlueChip <>
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2003 23:37:32 +0000

>>So I stand by my comments (in IRC archive) I wanna see the WAV codec
>>running just as a big two finger salute to all the people who said
>>it was impossible - then I'm gone!
>Nobody said WAV playback was techically impossible, only legally. Now that
>you have obtained information on how to do it, we still need to find out
>if we can distribute the codec with Rockbox without getting into trouble.

The information you have, was obtained based on the fact that it was to be
used for an open-source project. We have been given, by Micronas, in an
email conversation that you have a copy of, acknowledgement that this is
the case.

Please outline the specifics of your legal concerns and I said the other
night (offline), I will undertake to dispel them.

As there are no actual programming docs, just example codecs which we
cannot use (I'm thinking bitrate here). Anything we release will be
entirely different to anything available anywhere else - so no copyright
issues on code. The only debate is whether you need a license to support
WAV, but I doubt we pay our license to the MP3 people so that is unlikely
to be an issue.

>>I don't know what has "got your goat" Linus, but if you just wanna be
>>nasty, then we can play it that way instead - but do not be
>>mistaken, these are YOUR rules, not mine.
>Again, I'm sorry about my reply, I was tired and grumpy.

Apology accepted. Animosity dropped.
Please also accept my apologies for my explosive rebuttal.

>>The ultimate proof HAS to be the complete LACK of an official working dev
>We have specifically chosen open source tools as gcc and CVS to avoid
>maintaining an "official dev kit". Anyone can build gcc and start working
>on Rockbox. Windows users may have a somewhat harder time to make it work
>(as you also need to install Cygwin), but I blame Windows for that.

I cannot accept "there is no devkit, that's windows fault" ...But anyway,
Roland contacted me privately after this (original) post, so we may be much
nearer a solution now anyway :)

>>--- I told you not to read that bit :p ---
>Ouch! You caught me! :-)



Received on 2003-11-17

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