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Subject: RE: Documentation for Daily Builds
From: Andreas Stemmer (
Date: 2003-11-17

Felix Becker wrote:
> -What does the car mode do?
It pauses playback as soon as the power supply is removed and starts
playback again when power is back: if you have the jukebox in your car it
will stop playing automatically if you turn off ignition.

> -What is a dynamic playlist?
The dynamic playlist is the current playlist in memory (in a special file)
which is created when you play a song or playlist. When you play one song
from a directory, a dynamic playlist is generated which contains all the
songs from the directory. If you insert or queue songs, you make additions
to the dynamic playlist.
Look at:
(BTW: It's generally a good idea to search the mailbox archives if you want
to know details about certain features)

-Can i save playlists created with my jukebox?
Go to the menu, playlist options, save dynamic playlist

> -what does the viewer-, favorites- and helloworld-plugins do?
viewer: A text viewer, you start it by playing a .txt file
favorites: I'm not quite sure, but I think it's a plugin which adds the
current song to a special favourites playlist
helloworld: Every programmer's first programm is the helloworld-programm
which does nothing except displaying "Hello world!" on the screen.

> Thank you!!!
You're welcome.

Andreas Stemmer

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