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Subject: RE: Suggestion on a 2.1 release
From: Fred Maxwell (
Date: 2003-11-17

Daniel Stenberg wrote:

> I suggest that we package and release EXACTLY what we have
> now in CVS, without waiting for _any_ additional patches.
> (With the exception of bug fixes.)

I agree. To expand further, though, I believe that there has to be a
feature freeze, documentation update, beta release, short testing period to
assure no serious bugs, followed by a 2.1 release. I'm not talking about
weeks of testing, just enough to turn up any serious problems.

> I fully agree that several of the patches in the patch tracker
> are way cool and should go in soon, but let's do them after
> the 2.1 release. Heck, if we just get all the nice patches in,
> we could release a 2.2 immediately and that wouldn't have to
> wait another eon.

The other advantage to not including all of the nifty patches in the next
release is that it lessens the work necessary for the documentation/manual.
Powerful features often require lengthy documentation and the changes
between 2.0 and what's currently in the daily builds is already very

  Fred Maxwell

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