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Subject: 2.1 Release Documentation
Date: 2003-11-18


Someone editing the user manual already?
I am working on an Rockbox online help (for the text-viewer plugin, see
feature req. #705069). Some (most?) of the changes since 2.0 release are
included. But I'm sure I missed some of the new features (for a preliminary list see
I could update the manual as well, if no native english speaker volonteers.
Some review by the developers would be needed, though.

cheers, peter

- Dynamic Playlist,
- Config Browse,
- Line in (Player),
- Car Adapter Mode
- Recording: Time Split, Independent Frames, PLAY while recording...
- Display: inverted cursor; Menu: scroll/status bar enable + hide icons in
dir browser
- Rockbox In Flash
- FM radio support
- Max playlist: 20000 files; Configurable dir browser file buffer size

- Games (Recorder): Othelo, Flipit, Star, Snake*, Sliding Puzzle*
- Games (Player): Nim, Jackpot*
- Demos: VU Meter, Helloworld
- Viewers: TXT-Viewer, Chip-8 Emulator, Rockbox Flash
- Applications: Calendar, Favorites, Firmware Flash

* no description found in mailinglist/ CVS logs

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