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Subject: Re: 2.1 feature freeze
Date: 2003-11-20


I will send a preliminary draft of the new manual not later than this
weekend. Most of the new info is already in. Because it's the first time for me
working with Open Office, I still have to figure out some of the formatting
stuff etc.

I own a JBR, therefore I need some information about the exclusive features
for Players/ FM-Recorders:

- FM radio support: could someone please describe the radio screen and/ or
send a screenshot. I found the info about key controls - but that's all.
- Key controls of the Player games (Nim, Jackpot)

I have no working UI-Simulator, but the screenshots of Main and File Menu
should be updated, and the icons of the new supported file formats (.rock,
.ucl, .ch8). Could someone help me out please?

CU, Peter

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