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Subject: Re: playing through digital in/out

Re: playing through digital in/out

From: BlueChip <>
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2003 15:02:31 +0000

Digital is just digital.

Although you can use the same CABLE for both analogue and digital,
you MUST use a different SOCKET.
   Digital = "Digital In/Out"
   Analogue = "Ear"

When using Analogue, you need to set the volume level at something that
will produce a "line level" signal from the headphone socket.
Someone did some tests with a 'scope a looong time ago, and reported back
"92" as being a good volume to create a "line level" signal (1.5V
peak-to-peak iirc)
I have done no such tests, but by ear, 92 works just fine for me :)

Also, just thought, re. the mails you are in search of. I am sure that the
core content was reworked by any number of people and finally added to an
FAQ somewhere.
Sorry I didn't think of that earlier, but check the FAQs first - I would
guess a search for the word "white" (in the FAQs) will isolate what you are
after quite quickly :)

A Final note to OTHERS. Apparently the FM units lack in the Digital In/Out
department - I do not own one so cannot comment, but before you try the
above and go mad, the notes here are for the AJBR (Recorder).

I do not know anything about the Player :(


>Thanks, both M. Escape & BlueChip, I'll go and look again and try to dig up
>the info. However, it dawns on me that I may be utterly naive and mistaken:
>is the "digital out" ONLY for digital connection or can it also feed an
>analog (twin RCA) connection?
>"BlueChip" <> a écrit dans le message de
>| Just one comment (although having read your past posts it MAY not apply to
>| you) it would seem that the RED/WHITE thing is NOT a reliable reference
>| point - There was a llooonnggg debate about this a while back if you are
>| THAT fascinated by the problem you can find it in the archive :)
>| >There seems to be some issues with digital out on ajbr20. Some receivers
>| >like its output my sherwood doesn't (everything else is ok, dvd, pc-spdif
>| >etc.). Use the right(red) side for output and the left(white) side for
>| >
>| >mr.escape
>| >
>| >At 11:52 22.11.2003, you wrote:
>| >>Hi,
>| >>I'm unable to get any sound out of my digital in/out brand new JBR20
>(it's a
>| >>Hitachi_DK23EA-20). Recording through digital in/out is OK. Is this
>| >>do I need an adapter or should I exchange it?
>| >>I connect with a coaxial stereo jack > twin RCA and I'm using the
>| >>release of Rockbox.
>| >>Thanks for your help.
>| >>Jean.
Received on 2003-11-22

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