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Subject: Re: Open source software for Archos Petition - please sign
From: BlueChip (
Date: 2003-11-23

The developers are not your problem.
You need to approach the marketting/middle management bods.
The developers are just techies who simply have to tweak the MAS dev kit
and end up with a product.
You need to find the people who make the rules about what happens to that

Or alternatively you make so much noise world wide on as public a scale as
you can.
In return they will make the effort to translate the noise so they can
react to it.
Pre-decide what reaction you want, and tailor your noise accordingly.

I am guessing that French is the native language of Archos HQ, and be
warned the french are the only people (in my experience) who document their
code in anything other than English/American - to deal with the french you
are right, you need to do it in THEIR language ...or make THEM want to deal
with you - at which point their English litereary skills quite
metaphorically BOUNCE out of the closet.

And sorry, before you ask me, I am a typical Brit.: "Two languages in ONE
head - NEVER!!??"
(know thyself - lol)


>I've tried getting this info. They couldn't understand my e-mail. Does anyone
>know the native language of the developers and want to send them the same
>I sent a while back? It's in the email archive.
>On Sun, Nov 23, 2003 at 03:24:40PM +0000, BlueChip wrote:
> > I am sure that 1834 emails to SlashDot and TheRegister would have far more
> > of an impact that 238 names on a web page.
> > If you want to speak to Archos, the FIRST thing you need to find out is
> > this policy is in place. Unless you understand THEIR point of view,
> > positive negotiations are likely to be impossible.
> >
> > At 15:57 23/11/03 +0100, you wrote:
> > >is it really like you say?
> > >i have no real experience concerning online petititions, but at least i
> > >find them useful:
> > >you can see, how many people share your opinion and are willing to sign
> > >with their name for that opinion.
> > >i already wrote a mail to archos and didn`t even get a reply - what
> should
> > >i do about it?
> > >if there are 1834(or whatever number) people writing the SAME letter and
> > >also get no reply, i think
> > >this is another dimension. e.g. it could attract attention to the
> > >press/media.
> > >think if this got slashdotted.....
> > >
> > >regards
> > >roland
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >> --- roland <> wrote:
> > >> > I wondered that there was no thread regarding this on the list.
> > >>
> > >> maybe it's because online petitions never actually accomplish anything?
> > >>
> > >> -scott
> > >>
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