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Subject: Re: 2.1 Manual preliminary draft - comments please
From: ten Velde family (
Date: 2003-11-25


First: congratulations on a great job. I believe that documentation is
really important for any project of this nature, and yours is really easy
to follow and seems to be very complete.

I did find one paragraph a little difficult to understand however, and
offer an alternative wording for it here. I hope that my interpretation is

page 9:
"By reprogramming the firmware we can boot much faster. Archos has a
pathetic boot
loader, versus the boot time for Rockbox is much faster than the disk
spinup, in fact it
has to wait for the disk. Your boot time will be as quick as a disk spinup
(e.g. 4
seconds from powerup until resuming playback)."

Change to:
"By reprogramming the firmware your Jukebox will boot much faster. The
Archos boot loader seems to take forever when compared to the Rockbox
version. In fact, the Rockbox boot loader is so fast that it has to wait
for the disk spin-up, resulting in a power-up time in the order of four
seconds from pressing the ON button to resuming playback."


At 09:43 24/11/2003, you wrote:

>The preliminary draft of the Rockbox Manual V. 2.1 is available at
>Note, that some "cosmetic" work is still on the way (cross references,
>Please tell me, if you find any errata, etc.
>- peter
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