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Subject: Re: Costs involved in manufacturing a product
From: roland (
Date: 2003-11-28

> I'm just wondering, this is semi OT... What would the costs (from the
very important factors are
- the manufacturers country (asia produces electronic stuff very cheap)
- how many items you want to produce
(think in that terms: initiating the "producing process" as such can be a very
expensive issue - and this costs need to be calculated down to each produced item.
e.g.: you want to produce a cdrom: the creation of the "master cd" costs ~$300. (don`t
know actual pricing). after that "mastering", costs for raw material and processing
are on a <10cent/each range, but you need to calculate the costs of the master cd into each

if you just need a company to produce the printed circuit board and assemble/solder
the electronics - this should be MUCH cheaper than producing the whole device (with
case, mechanics etc...)
i think there are not too few companies, offering such service at a fair price.
i remember, that i saw a website with "open source hardware" projects.
(maybe is a good entry?)
actually, there already ARE some "open hardware" mp3-player projects.
why starting a own one and reinvent the weel? this is complex stuff - perhaps better get
an existing design, join the devteam, make the thing better.....
i can`t understand, why the world needs 12312 different kinds of linux distributions. but
they exist. same with mp3-hardware-player-hobby-projects. there are a lot! if you dont find
the projects on the net - i think i stored some bookmarks. will search for you, if you like

>Would they hire an outside firm to do it or what?
i think so!


----- Original Message -----
From: "Paul "Winkie" Robins" <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, November 28, 2003 12:27 PM
Subject: OT: Costs involved in manufacturing a product

> I'm just wondering, this is semi OT... What would the costs (from the
> originating company's point of view) be in having a product such as the
> FM Recorder manufactured? Would they hire an outside firm to do it or
> what? I'm curious becuase i'd like to start an open source project to
> produce an efficient, neat, upgradable, well maintained and generally
> all-around-brilliant mp3 player / portable hdd / radio / etc in one.
> Paul

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