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Subject: RE: flashing & warranty
From: Fred Maxwell (
Date: 2003-11-29

Nix spewed forth:

> But Archos is a French company, subject to French law,

They are also a French company subject to U.S. law if they sell products in
the U.S.

> and the original poster was posting from an Israeli address.

And you think everyone who posts from a .tv address lives in Tuvalu?
Besides, what does French law have to do with warranty claims for goods sold
in Israel?

> So I'm puzzled: why is US law remotely relevant?

If he wants to know about Israeli law, then he should have asked whether it
would void his warranty in Israel. When most units are sold in the U.S.,
it's an English-language mailing list, and the poster did not specify that
his question was about Israeli law, then I'm going to assume that questions
about the law are referring to U.S. law.

> viz the recent printer cartridge case.

Which Lexmark just lost.

  Fred Maxwell

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