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Subject: Re: Hd failure on recorder 20

Re: Hd failure on recorder 20

From: mielpop <>
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2003 15:15:54 +0100

> yes - to make sure it`s NOT the batteries or some charging-circuit problem,
> you should use fresh ones and charge them externally.

Ok, Then I suppose I shoud buy 4 batteries and a charger.

> >The led indicated the batteries were full.
> which led do you mean? i can`t remember jbrec20 has a "battery full"-led.

Sorry, led was a mistake ; I meant the graphical bar on the screen.

> > Does the malfunction you suggested implicate my issue keeps affecting the
> > JB eventhough ?
> a "battery full"-meter doesn`t guarantee, that your cell is _really_ ok.
> if it is damaged, the inner resistance of the cell could be quite high, and
> that means if hdd spins up the voltage of the cell drops very quickly and.
> archos jukebox doesn`t have good "don`t startup when battery
> empty"-protection.

i'm not sure I understand : what do you mean by "cell" ? Could my problem be
dued to an inner electrical malfunction ? I suppose, I can't do anything

> > 4) As I've initiated the disk format, the operation failed with the disk
> > making a louder "tactactac" noise. Does this mean my HD is down, or, may

> it could also mean, that the hdd is damaged, especially when it always
> happens at the same position (when the hdd heads reach the damaged region
> of the hdd surface)

I'm afraid that is the case...

> > 5) As I suppose you solved the problem changing the batteries, did you do
> > it yourself, or did you send it to your retailer ? If you did it
> > yourself, what kind of batteries did you use ? Same as original or others
> > ?
> errr - do you have the fm recorder? then you`re out of luck and DIY
> replacement isn`t easy. if you have ordinary archos model, then just
> replace the cells by ANY standard AA(mignon) sized NIMH battery. you can
> buy them everywhere.

No, I've the average recorder 20. By the way, I've freed the battery cover,
and I now can see the batteries. but i still can't figure how to get them

considering my issue(s), would you advise me to

1) change the batteries (with charging procedure you suggest)
2) try to format the JB ? Now that the format has been interrupted, I hope the
HD is not too corrupted...
Whiwh tool should I use ? the common windows tool under XP ?
some other tool like Fdisk ?

3) What if the format doesn't work ? Should I change the HD ? Or do I have to
surrender and buy some new mp3 player...
Received on 2003-11-30

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