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Subject: Re: all flashed recorders, please reflash with my latest
From: [IDC]Dragon (
Date: 2003-12-01

> I just reflashed with your Zip at
> worked fine ... but the version of Rockbox seemed to be quite outdated I
> think it
> was 2003-11-05 our was only the bootloader updated ... was it me last
> version that had that
> date ...

From where did you get that date? It should be yesterday's cvs status,
unless I made another oops.

> I am confused .... so I just got the latest UCL so now it is most
> recent one :-)

That always works. The Rockbox version in my distribution could be viewed as
a placeholder, you'll overwrite it anyway sooner or later.

> But my question is, since I have a doubt now ... how could I check the
> bootloader version?

It doesn't have a version label somewhere (actually, that's a good idea for
the future), but you can check indirectly. If you hold F3 while power on, the
unit should freeze because my minimon is started. The older bootloader
ignores F3.


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