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Subject: RE: FM Reflashing was RE: all flashed recorders
From: Chuck Urwiler (
Date: 2003-12-03

I was able to repro this as well. The ATA error screen also says "Press ON
to debug". I looked at the debug screen, and then pressed OFF - I got the
panic error as well, but was able to hold OFF to get it to shut down.


-----Original Message-----
From: [] On
Behalf Of Mark Bright
Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2003 2:48 PM
Subject: RE: FM Reflashing was RE: all flashed recorders

>> I plugged in the charger, and the "Charging Screen" appeared almost
>> immediately and there was no sign of any HDD activity at all.

>Good. And it comes back to life when you press on, right?
Yes, no problem at all.

>Same with holding F1 + plugin?
Errrrrr no,
Hold f1 + plugin loads the Archos firware / Charging screen OK, but
pressing ON brings up the Rockbox boot screen followed by a "ATA error:
-31", and at one point (after some button pressing did a PANIC-31 and
locked up- had to remove battery cover to get it back)

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