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Subject: [Hardware mod idea] button/panel mod
From: Minuk Choi (
Date: 2003-12-08

Hey gang,

    My Archos... which I was enjoying greatly thanks to rockbox ran into a problem. The F2 button snapped off.

    I tried to super glue the piece back onto the support bar thingy(if you've taken it apart, it's that long plastic piece that's connected to the F1-F3 keys and provides the "resistence" feeling of pressing a button.

    Anyway, while I was looking inside, it looks like the buttons themselves are not directly beneath the buttons(some buttons have extensions that depress the button on the circuit). Has anyone thought about doing a hardware mod which would replace the rather fragile buttons? Right now, I've half a mind to just remove the entire buttons layout part from the cover, so I can just depress the buttons on the circuits directly... they look like the buttons on a mouse anyway(even down to the "click") and shouldn't be hard to devise a different layout that'll depress the buttons.

    It would be cool if the button panel can be replaced with the touch buttons of the 3rd generation iPod :-P.

Anyone with any insight, or even interest reply here. I definitely need a more permenant fix to the broken F2 button... and I'd like to have a discussion before I start making physical changes.


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