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Subject: Re: Patch #783177 by Craig Sather, fixes the progress bar glitch when fast forwardin...
From: c s (
Date: 2003-12-08

--- roland <> wrote:
> Hi Craig,
> bad news.
> i was able to produce the "glitches" again.
> i did some "heavy" fastforward/fasbackward-testing
> on several songs.
> indeed, your fix makes it better a lot, but it seems
> that it is not a 100% solution for the "problem".

I am not able to reproduce this under any conditions.
Are you using either version 2.1 or an unmodified
daily build? Does the type of mp3 file make any
difference? A few minutes or an hour or longer? High
or low bitrate? Fixed bitrate or variable bitrate?

Can anyone else besides Roland reproduce this bug?


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