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Subject: Re: [Hardware mod idea] button/panel mod

Re: [Hardware mod idea] button/panel mod

From: Chris Muth <>
Date: Mon, 08 Dec 2003 14:15:17 -0600

Hmm, just thinking into the keyboard here, but here goes.

If you were to find a SERIAL/RS-232 touchpad, that could work, as the JBR has a serial port.
You might even be able to use the serial in in the headphone connector. That is if the touchpad will work with
only the transmit wire hooked up. You would still have to power it though.

If the touchpad is a PS/2 device (of which most are) you would need to devise a way of converting the PS/2 into RS-232.

Here's an idea for the interface.
A sweep to the (left, right, up, down) is the respective keypad button.
A tap in the middle of the pad is the play/pause button.
A tap in the left, middle, right could be F[1-3] respectively as well.
The JBR's hardware (w\o a mod) does not support soft on, only soft off.
   The "on" button powers the processor, which, in turn, continues to power itself.
Perhaps, a sweep down and the the side could be off?
The interface would have to be changed to support one button operation,
noting that Rockbox uses key combinations. Hmm, maybe we can sense different locations
of the touchpad at the same time? That would be good.

Contact Archos, tell them what happened, and they might just send you a new plastic button row.

Anyway, take care, and good luck.
-Chris Muth

On 12/8/03 at 3:10 AM Minuk Choi wrote:

>Hey gang,
> My Archos... which I was enjoying greatly thanks to rockbox ran into a
>problem. The F2 button snapped off.
> I tried to super glue the piece back onto the support bar thingy(if
>you've taken it apart, it's that long plastic piece that's connected to
>the F1-F3 keys and provides the "resistence" feeling of pressing a button.
> Anyway, while I was looking inside, it looks like the buttons
>themselves are not directly beneath the buttons(some buttons have
>extensions that depress the button on the circuit). Has anyone thought
>about doing a hardware mod which would replace the rather fragile buttons?
> Right now, I've half a mind to just remove the entire buttons layout part
>from the cover, so I can just depress the buttons on the circuits
>directly... they look like the buttons on a mouse anyway(even down to the
>"click") and shouldn't be hard to devise a different layout that'll
>depress the buttons.
> It would be cool if the button panel can be replaced with the touch
>buttons of the 3rd generation iPod :-P.
>Anyone with any insight, or even interest reply here. I definitely need a
>more permenant fix to the broken F2 button... and I'd like to have a
>discussion before I start making physical changes.
Received on 2003-12-08

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