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Subject: Re: Patch #783177 by Craig Sather, fixes the progress bar glitch when fast forwardin...
From: Hardeep Sidhu (
Date: 2003-12-09

Hi Craig,

c s wrote:

>--- roland <> wrote:
>> Hi Craig,
>> bad news.
>> i was able to produce the "glitches" again.
>> i did some "heavy" fastforward/fasbackward-testing
>> on several songs.
>> indeed, your fix makes it better a lot, but it seems
>> that it is not a 100% solution for the "problem".
>I am not able to reproduce this under any conditions.
>Are you using either version 2.1 or an unmodified
>daily build? Does the type of mp3 file make any
>difference? A few minutes or an hour or longer? High
>or low bitrate? Fixed bitrate or variable bitrate?
>Can anyone else besides Roland reproduce this bug?

An easy way to reproduce it is to do a quick ff/rew while the mp3 file
is being loaded from disk. Your change guarantees that the mpeg thread
gets one extra iteration before the wps updates but it doesn't guarantee
that the ff/rew will occur during that iteration. The solution would be
to not update the wps until the ff/rew completes in the mpeg thread but
that's kinda messy and probably not worth it for such a minor issue.


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