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Subject: RE: FM Recorder HD Upgrade

RE: FM Recorder HD Upgrade

From: TP Diffenbach <>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 18:38:38 -0500

The instructions for the Archos Multimedia (I've forgotten where, but Google
is your friend) apply to the FM.

Don't do what I did, which was bend the back-plate. Go with the unsoldering
router (6 solder spots). If you /do/ decide not to unsolder, you do not (as
I did) need to bend the bottom of the back-plate: it's possible to slip a
screwdriver or similar into the bottom to pop out the original drive.

Do note that the original hard drive has a clear, sticky, plastic sheet that
insulates it from the battery. You either need to peel this off the original
hard drive and apply it to the new one, or you need to apply a substitute to
the new hard drive. I peeled off the old one, and supplemented it with
WriteRight PDAs screen protector sheets.

To remove the bumpers, you'll need a Torx #10 screwdriver. Unscrew but do
not remove the bumpers. Use a #0 Phillips head screw drive to remove the
bottom plate. Pull the plastic face plate forward enough to let top of the
Archos pop up. Carefully lift and tug this "cap" forward, until you can
remove it.

Now wiggle the bumpers a bit. They're glued in on the back side of the
Archos, at the point where they enter the "feet" (the raised bits that the
Archos rests on when set down on its back), and you'll have to carfully
wiggle them to break the glue's hold. Just wiggle a little bit for now,
don't wiggle enough to remove the bumpers.

The plastic face plate is held on by a small screw inside the top of the
Archos, under the battery cap you previously removed. Unscrew this. The
plastic plate is not help on by three flanges cut out of the metal side of
the case. /GENTLY/ tug the right side of the pastic face plate just a bit to
the right (to clear the flanges), then up, pivoting the face plate as if you
are opening a door hinged on the flanges on the left side.

You've now removed the face plate. Now you have room to wiggle the bumpers
enough to break the glue holding the back of the bumpers to the "feet" on
the back-plate. CAREFUL. Try not to tear the plastic sheet insulating the
hard drive from the battery. Remove the bumpers.

The bumpers are not removed. You're looking at the circuit board, with the
LCD and microphone on top of it.

There are three or four solder points on each side of the board which attach
it to the metal side walls of the chassis. At least some of these connection
are electrical conductors; which, I don't know (remember, at this point I
bent the back-plate).

From this point, you're on your own.

Remember the stick clear plastic insulating sheet on the hard drive.

have fun!


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Behalf Of Marcos A. Zafarani
Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2003 5:53 PM
Subject: FM Recorder HD Upgrade

Are there any pictures and instructions on how to upgrade the hard drive
of the FM recorder? The only ones I've seen are for the other models and
I understand they do not apply (?).


Received on 2003-12-11

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