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Subject: Analyzing Open Neo

Analyzing Open Neo

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 15:29:01 +0100 (CET)


My comments on their changes follow below. In general, their software is VERY
similar to Rockbox, and it wouldn't take anyone involved many hours to add
their changes to Rockbox and have Rockbox being able to build and run on the
Neo. The only changes they have made that I found are interesting to us at
this point, is their support of another platform (for which also their
additional ATA support is indeed useful).

The 796577 bytes diff (ignoring whitespace changes) on their latest tarball
agaist our current CVS version is now available here:

The diff file is 26694 lines. 13534 lines were removed. 1602 of them are
removed headers, and 1409 of them are removed lines starting with # (comments
in makefiles and language files, and #ifdef/#define/#endif source lines). 5405
lines were added.


* have our language files, modified and all, but they've commented
  out the lang_load() function so they can't actually load new languages.

* have modified most /* comments */ into // comments without changing
  any words.

* are more picky on what partition type they require to mount the FAT
  partition (they require type 0x0c).

* show their own "logo".

* introduced a few new buttons, since they have a different key layout

* use a 4-line display (20 letters on each line). Funny quote:
   #define MAXLETTERS 80 /* 11 * 2 */

* haven't kept up with Jörg's tree.[ch] changes

* surrendered to their lack of language support and use 'hard coded' strings
  all over...

* haven't kept up with Hardeep's playlist changes

* removed lots of DEBUGF() calls

* removed #ifdef stuff they don't use (for bitmap displays, for MAS3587F,
  for radio, for charging etc)

* added whitespace all over with no funcionality change

* added a weirdo thing in save_playlist() that makes it impossible to change
  the first letter of the filename

* renamed 'rockbox_api' to 'openneo_api' (hehe)

* haven't kept up with the warning-removal from the simulator builds

* removed all USB stuff

* cut out the whole settings sector layout comment from the code

* modified the three first bytes of the settings sector from 'Roc' to 'Neo'

* added a "volume slider" (with associated settings and config support)

* renamed the .rock extension to .plg. The .rockbox directory is named

* have added *very* basic support for the id3v2.4 tag TDRC (the data is
  supposed to be a ISO8601 time-stamp, Rockbox ignores the tag completely
  while Open Neo extract the year number).

* still have that buffer overflow in the wps code

* modified the default WPS config

* removed Magnus' friendly comments in the bitswap.S file

* added a broken 'createdir' in the file system code

* minor hw setup differences

* ATA/ATAPI-6 support

* have a new keyboard input function

* still have an integer overflow bug in mpeg.c

* include the malloc code in their archive, although nothing in Rockbox nor
  Open Neo use it... :-)

 Daniel Stenberg -- --
Received on 2003-12-11

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