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Subject: Re: I09: CPUAdrEr error after flash fuckup
From: [IDC]Dragon (
Date: 2003-12-12


> I think I made something wrong when flashing my JBR20... It was
> allready flashed before, and this happened trying to update the
> firmware. The firmware file was checked, but the display was all
> blank after checked:

What's wrong with your display? This is really strange.

> Of course I shouldnt have pressed F2 to flash at that moment, but I did.
> All I get now when starting my machine is I09: CPUAdrEr at 0f000A32
> I can boot into Rockbox 2.1 with F1 pressed,

Phew, so you should be safe.

> but when I try to
> re-flash the firmware, after pressing F1 to check the file the screen
> says: File checked: File OK
> and its all empty except the bottom line that says "other key to
> exit"... No flash choice...

Again, I'm puzzled.
What does the the hardware info screen tell you, what model do you exactly
What files have you used for flashing?
Can you send me a dump of your current/broken firmware? (the 256k file
created by the dump entry)

> Anyone know what this error means and what to do reflash properly?

Did you try firmware_flash.rock, or did you play a .ucl?
I'd try the .ucl first, before going through a whole reflash. But check if
the plugin gives a reasonable start position, like 60...70KB into the flash.


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