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Subject: Re: Upside down
From: [IDC]Dragon (
Date: 2003-12-12

> > So, appearently the LCD can read the data in reverse, which negates
> > having to bitswap everything before you display it.
> Not quite, this only changes the X readout direction, would mirror the
> display. The bitswapping is still the required downside, but we already
> have a table for that (needed in the MPEG code)

Sorry, I was wrong. The readout can be changed for both X and Y, so a flip
is possible without changing the rest of the code. (Actually, the display is
normally operating upside down the way we program it). I just tried, it works.
The only additional change it that I have to add 20 pixels for the X
addressing, since the internal framebuffer is 132 pixels wide, versus we have onle
112. I we want the display at the same "edge" as befor, we have to add 20.

I will commit this change soon, I'm working on the LCD module anyway.

The question now is, where to put that config option, and do we want it as a
persistent setting? Also I found that the buttons should be remapped, too,
else it's _very_ irritating.


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