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Subject: Re: ANNOUNCE: Doom runs on AJB

Re: ANNOUNCE: Doom runs on AJB

From: Eric Linenberg <>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 19:32:52 -0500

WOW! About two years ago, when I first programmed Sokoban, I was
working on an 2 or 3 bit grayscale engine similar to what was done on the
TI-85 years back, but I encountered so much flicker that it did not
work as I thought it would.

My idea was 2/3 bitmaps that are flickered in quick repetition and
where the adjacent bitmaps have the same bit on, it would produce a
darker color. As I said this worked real well on the TI-85 and did
not work for me on the Archos -- of course it seems that you have now
made this possible (as you know much more then I do)

What I was wondering is what can come out of this that is more
"rockbox usable?"

-- faster scrolling fonts
-- anti-aliased fonts? (ipod here we come!)
-- boot up logos that show just how 'leet rockbox is?
-- nicer widgets, etc.
-- smooth up/down scrolling with grayscale?
-- wicked visualizations

I get well over 60 frames a second here with what looks like very high
quality video (for the archos that is). Also, I can listen to music
while I watch the video -- who will be the first person to "release" a
movie for the recorder where you press play on a music file and then
it counts down 3,2,1 and then you start up a video? Simpsons anyone?

Does byte-swapping effect the video? WOW! This is exciting. I
wonder what will come of it. I see a whole new life given to rockbox
(not that it was dead)

Some things I noticed that make the video smoother and clearer. Lower
your contrast a few numbers and then set backlight to "on"


ID> Hi, time to stir up the group a bit:

ID> We had this april fools joke about Doom, which caused quite a reaction.

ID> Now I can give you the real thing, no joke, Doom running on Recorder/FM
ID> models. You won't be disappointed, promised. Explains my work on LCD speedup, I
ID> guess!

ID> Look into my file section:

ID> It needs a plugin and a special build of Rockbox (to be committed soon, but
ID> right now I refrain from that because of all those Neo changes).
ID> Download or rec. zip, depending on what you have. Copy the contained
ID> .rock plugin to .rockbox/rocks of your box, and rolo into the provided .ajz.
ID> Now you can play .rvf files, which you also find in the zips there. Download
ID> the big one and unpack it to the box. Play it by selecting it like a .mp3,
ID> and have fun!

ID> Jörg

ID> PS: If you have low bandwith, you can skip the big file and play the content
ID> of the smaller, also nice, but no Doom.
Received on 2003-12-13

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