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Subject: Re: ATA Error -52 HELP! WORSE NEWS
From: Planet77 (
Date: 2003-12-14

Please stop it...
It's not nice for you and not nice for us, the other members of the list.
I am not the owner or some other important person of the list, but I think no
one wants to have such silliness on the list. Please do this via personal

Have a nice day


----- Original Message ----- From: "SteamShip" <> To: <> Sent: Sunday, December 14, 2003 3:08 AM Subject: Re: ATA Error -52 HELP! WORSE NEWS

> > ----- Original Message ----- > From: "scott" <> > To: <> > Sent: Saturday, December 13, 2003 7:38 PM > Subject: Re: ATA Error -52 HELP! WORSE NEWS > > > > --- SteamShip <> wrote: > > > So you consider the 20GB Recorder to be a "shitty little piece of > hardware > > > which is known to fail very often" ??? I wish everyone would have made > > > this clear about the 50277 model before I bought two of them. I am now > > > using the second one that I did not, and will not flash and it seems to > be > > > working well. > > > > every piece of hardware archos makes is shitty and known to fail often. > the rec20 just happens to > > be the least shitty of them all. once you get a good one it should last > for years, but many of > > archos' products are DOA. > > I had never heard people describing that "every piece of hardware that > archos makes is shitty and known to fail often," nor that many of their > products are DOA. I don't know if that is the consensus of the more > sensible members of this consortium, but it surely does not make anyone want > to buy Archos, and as a consequence use Rockbox if that is true. > > > > In addition, thank God I bought these from Amazon, because getting no > help > > > here, I complained by phone to Amazon that the unit was defective on > > > arrival. They cheerfully are shipping me a replacement at no charge 2 > Day > > > Airmail, and a pre-paid postage label for me to return this one. So, I > hope > > > this is a lesson to everyone NOT TO FLASH THEIR FIRMWARE, or expect the > > > Rockbox email list to help solve your hardware failure problems. > > > > flashing very rarely goes wrong, and you yourself said you suspected the > HD and not the flashing. > > you're also taking the responses and opinions of people who don't > represent rockbox to be all > > there is. if you want a _good_ answer, it will probably come from jörg or > björn or linus. be > > patient and you'll get a good answer. > > I actually do not know what is wrong, since I do not have access to a list > of the error codes to know what ATA -52 means. I am not computer > illiterate, as I do programming and have built at least 25 PC's from scratch > and numerous other hardware mods. I do not know if the flashing could have > caused this, but my guess is the HD was faulty based on noises and slow USB > 2.0 transfers. That is just an educated guess. > > I apologize to everyone for swearing and getting pissed off in the moment, > and hope to hear some words of wisdom from Jörg, Björn, or Linus rather than > the useless trash I responded to earlier. I do not yet know who the senior, > more knowledgeable people are yet. > > > > I had sent the Rockbox Website PayPal $30 in appreciation of their > software > > > too. Oh well. Live and learn. > > > > rockbox is easily the most impressive use of oss i've ever used (even more > so with jörg's new > > greyscale doom awesomeness). would you still be using an archos at all if > it wasn't for rockbox? > > > > if you regret donating that much, kindly fuck off. > > > > -scott > > That was also uncalled for Scott. Read my words. I did not say that I > regretted donating $30, so why don't you kindly fellate yourself with > comments that don't apply to what I said. I was disappointed in the moment. > In addition, knowing human nature, I seriously doubt most of this list > participants have donated money at all. > >

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