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Subject: Re: ATA Error -52 HELP! WORSE NEWS


From: SteamShip <>
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2003 00:23:50 -0500

I put my comments, and set the record straight once again below.

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From: "TP Diffenbach" <>
To: <>
Cc: <>
Sent: Saturday, December 13, 2003 8:58 PM
Subject: RE: ATA Error -52 HELP! WORSE NEWS

> > every forum has it's fair share of loons, wait around
> Lee, I'm not sure who you're implying is a loon. I hope you're not
> suggesting I am.
> SteamShip's original post didn't make clear what model he has. Since his
> symptoms (partial boot, drive "clicking") sounded similar to the symptoms
> I've had with my FMR (which is currently being serviced), I suggested that
> if it were an FMR, it could be an issue of the widely-reported Archos
> quality control.

Nice try, but if you had actually read my post you would see that I did in
fact start off the post saying: "I just got my 20GB recorder 50277 model
from yesterday. I
charged the original batteries in the Archos charger for 8 hours."

> Mike Holden let me know it couldn't be an FMR, because SteamShip had
> mentioned batteries; but the FMR has batteries too, and SteamShip hadn't
> mentioned whether they were removable batteries or not.

Then in the 3rd to the last paragraph I again said "I can start it with F1
into old Archos firmware. I decided to put in my 1800 mAH batteries..."

So I not only identified the model, but also intentionally mentioned putting
in 1800 mAH batteries (not the default 1500). You do have the integrity to
even quote what Mike said, because it again makes you look bad.

Mike did not say what you misquoted as: "because SteamShip had mentioned
batteries" Mike actually said: "It can't be, as the post you quoted
(still below) mentions changing the batteries!" Mike hopped on you like I
did because he read and responded about what I was asking, vs. your
unrelated agenda of bashing the FMR.

> Mike then mentioned
> that it "peeves" him to see the "myth" of FMR problems perpetuated. While
> can't speak to whether it's a myth or not, I can speak from my personal
> experience: my FMR is not very robust, and I know that many on this list
> seem to prefer the Recorder.
> Be that as it may, Mike was polite in his objection, and I don't begrudge
> him his opinion. But then, Steamship comes back shouting in ALL-CAPS that
> I'm perusing some "SELFISH AGENDA". That seemed to me, and continues to
> to me, to be bizarre: I have no agenda; I own an FMR, I've just spent $110
> to have it serviced, and I had originally posted to try to give SteamShip
> the benefit of my experience.
> Rather than shout back, I tried to respond with (admittedly biting) humor.
> SteamShip's response was to call be a bastard and to tell me to "shut the
> fuck up", apparently under the misapprehension that the world revolves
> around him and the sole purpose of this mailing list is to hold his
> hand when his toys are broken. In his next post, he then proceeds to snipe
> at Roland and once again insult "Mr. High & Mighty Thomas Paul Diffenbach"
> for "trashing" the FMR. Then he spreads some FUD about Jörg's excellent
> on flash, and announces he regrets contributing $30 to Rockbox because
> list didn't warn him not to buy the Archos model he bought.

You again are showing your inability to read what I posted. You went off on
a personal agenda you had about bashing the FMR/V2 model when it was VERY
obvious that I did not have that model. I was pissed off that you wanted to
use my request for help to rant about something completely unrelated. Then
you make more posts about your own FMR issue, followed by what you think was
a biting joke, which I considered more than biting. You then seem to think
I should sit back and laugh, and not respond in a similar manner. I also
told you to show some compassion and asked how you would feel in that same
post where I told you to shut the fuck up if you can't be helpful.

I did snipe back at Roland who completely misquoted and mischaracterized
what I said about the donation I made, and by saying to everyone: "that`s
just a shitty little piece of
hardware which is known to fail very often, so it is not even worth to be
angry about
or even curse at each other, because of that" I'm sure he doesn't see the
irony of swearing in the very sentence he is telling me not to swear.

Again, you show your inability to read and quote what I said. I did not in
fact say: "Then he spreads some FUD about Jörg's excellent work on flash,
and announces he regrets contributing $30 to Rockbox because this list
didn't warn him not to buy the Archos model he bought."

What I actually said was: "So, I hope this is a lesson to everyone NOT TO
FLASH THEIR FIRMWARE...I had sent the Rockbox Website PayPal $30 in
appreciation of their software
too. Oh well. Live and learn."

My warning is a repeat of what is in the flashing section of the Manual,
accentuated by my personal experience. My statement on the contribution
was because I had seen Bjorn and others posting after I made my initial
post, and I thought there would have been some sort of helpful response, so
I was dissappointed that they did not respond. That is different from
regretting making a contribution, and had nothing to do with your
mischaractization of some bullshit about the list not warning me about
buying the Archos model. Bjorn, in fact told me to get this exact model, so
I was suprised that he did not respond.

> Again, my original post was an attempt to discover the nature of
> problem, and to help him if I could. For that, I've been cursed at by
> SteamShip, and now I have to wonder if your comment about "loons" was
> directed at me. No, I haven't contributed $30 to Rockbox, and my code
> contributions are minor, but if you look under the credits in the menu,
> you'll see my name. You won't see SteamShip's.

Yes you are the loon here, because you show a repeated inability to read
what people post. You go off on unrelated rants that have nothing to do
with the issue. You make jokes and repeated posts once Mike again made it
clear that you were innappropriate in your comments, and feign surprise when
someone calls a spade a spade.

So you got your name on the bottom credits. Whoop dee doo. That further
supports my comment of you seeing yourself as "Mr. High & Mighty Thomas Paul
Diffenbach." I doubt your contribution was worth the $30 that I sent them.

The bottom line is that if someone just lost their brand new toy, take a
minute to imagine how they must feel before you use it as an occasion for
making your dumbass jokes or ranting on your own issue about the FMR/V2
model that was CLEARLY not what I was posting about.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: []On
> Behalf Of lee donaghy
> Sent: Saturday, December 13, 2003 6:22 PM
> To:
> Subject: Re: ATA Error -52 HELP! WORSE NEWS
> --- SteamShip <> wrote: >
> every forum has it's fair share of loons, wait around
> till [IDC]Dragon reads you post he's best qualified to
> give an answer to your flashing problem unless any of
> the core developers dip in first ;)
> =====
> Lee donaghy
> great yarmouth
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Received on 2003-12-14

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