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Subject: Re: ATA Error -52 HELP! WORSE NEWS


From: Mike Holden <>
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2003 11:16:34 -0000 (GMT)

Ok people, can we dispense with the insults now please, on both sides.
Steamship has a problem, and if we can't help him, how about we don't

Ok, there is no published list of error codes, you need to look in the
source code, specifically in ata.c and file.c in this case. -5 is returned
from the ata layer when it can't read the data requested from the disk.
The 2 gets added on to the end of this by the file layer to indicate that
it was a read or write which failed. Basically it's a generic "could not
read requested data from disk" error.

I find it unlikely that flashing could have caused this, it's just a
coincidence that it happened soon after flashing. I don't have any figures
to hand, but can only recall one or two people have problems with
flashing, and one of those was an early adopter who flashed the wrong
version onto his unit because he didn't read the instructions properly!

As you have said yourself, you suspect a HD problem, and I agree. I would
suggest you try a scandisk (connected to your Windows PC), and if that
doesn't work, you could try reformatting it. Failng that, try out your
warranty with Amazon :-)

SteamShip said:
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "scott" <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Saturday, December 13, 2003 7:38 PM
> Subject: Re: ATA Error -52 HELP! WORSE NEWS
>> --- SteamShip <> wrote:
>> > So you consider the 20GB Recorder to be a "shitty little piece of
> hardware
>> > which is known to fail very often" ??? I wish everyone would have
>> made this clear about the 50277 model before I bought two of them.
>> I am now using the second one that I did not, and will not flash and
>> it seems to
> be
>> > working well.
>> every piece of hardware archos makes is shitty and known to fail
>> often.
> the rec20 just happens to
>> be the least shitty of them all. once you get a good one it should
>> last
> for years, but many of
>> archos' products are DOA.
> I had never heard people describing that "every piece of hardware that
> archos makes is shitty and known to fail often," nor that many of their
> products are DOA. I don't know if that is the consensus of the more
> sensible members of this consortium, but it surely does not make anyone
> want to buy Archos, and as a consequence use Rockbox if that is true.
>> > In addition, thank God I bought these from Amazon, because getting
>> no
> help
>> > here, I complained by phone to Amazon that the unit was defective on
>> arrival. They cheerfully are shipping me a replacement at no charge
>> 2
> Day
>> > Airmail, and a pre-paid postage label for me to return this one.
>> So, I
> hope
>> > this is a lesson to everyone NOT TO FLASH THEIR FIRMWARE, or expect
>> the Rockbox email list to help solve your hardware failure problems.
>> flashing very rarely goes wrong, and you yourself said you suspected
>> the
> HD and not the flashing.
>> you're also taking the responses and opinions of people who don't
> represent rockbox to be all
>> there is. if you want a _good_ answer, it will probably come from jörg
>> or
> björn or linus. be
>> patient and you'll get a good answer.
> I actually do not know what is wrong, since I do not have access to a
> list of the error codes to know what ATA -52 means. I am not computer
> illiterate, as I do programming and have built at least 25 PC's from
> scratch and numerous other hardware mods. I do not know if the flashing
> could have caused this, but my guess is the HD was faulty based on
> noises and slow USB 2.0 transfers. That is just an educated guess.
> I apologize to everyone for swearing and getting pissed off in the
> moment, and hope to hear some words of wisdom from Jörg, Björn, or Linus
> rather than the useless trash I responded to earlier. I do not yet know
> who the senior, more knowledgeable people are yet.
>> > I had sent the Rockbox Website PayPal $30 in appreciation of their
> software
>> > too. Oh well. Live and learn.
>> rockbox is easily the most impressive use of oss i've ever used (even
>> more
> so with jörg's new
>> greyscale doom awesomeness). would you still be using an archos at
>> all if
> it wasn't for rockbox?
>> if you regret donating that much, kindly fuck off.
>> -scott
> That was also uncalled for Scott. Read my words. I did not say that I
> regretted donating $30, so why don't you kindly fellate yourself with
> comments that don't apply to what I said. I was disappointed in the
> moment. In addition, knowing human nature, I seriously doubt most of
> this list participants have donated money at all.

Mike Holden
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Received on 2003-12-14

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