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Subject: Re: Red Led Dead test II
From: Daniel Gudlat (
Date: 2003-12-16

I wrote:
> Björn Stenberg wrote:
> I flashed your build on Friday, and had nothing but problems on my trip
> home (something like 3 RLOD within less than an hour, my usual rate is
> about 1 or two per week). I'll keep on testing this week, though, to see
> whether that was just a fluke...

Turns out it was no fluke. The RLOD test build makes using Rockbox in
the car (my main use) pretty much impossible for me. I have more
problems with it in one 1-hour commute than I have in a whole week of
commuting with Rockbox 2.1.

The symptoms are always the same: it tries to load mp3 data into the
RAM buffer, the red LED stays on, nothing happens for a while, and then
the unit is either completely dead and needs a restart, or skips a song
or two and continues playing somewhere in the middle of the second-next
song or thereabouts, with the likelyhood of something similar happening
again on the next buffer refill vastly increased.

Daniel Gudlat

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