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Subject: Re: Control when in USB mode?
From: H C (
Date: 2003-12-16


Could the Archos be made into a USB host using
firmware-only changes, or is there a chipset or other
hardware barrier to doing this (not that it would be a
small job to do it in firmware only, of course!)


--- Brian Wolven <> wrote:
> Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:
> > I haven't looked at the code and don't have a good
> sense of what is
> > hardware-restricted and what isn't. What happens
> when you plug in a
> > USB cable? Is there any way at all to get control
> at this point? It
> > seems somewhat annoying that I need to use a
> computer as a middleman
> > to transfer pictures from my digital camera to the
> player when both
> > ends speak USB.
> A better analogy might be that both ends "listen to"
> and "understand"
> USB, however neither end "speaks" it. You need a USB
> controller for
> that - like the one in your computer.

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